As this is my first post, I should probably write something witty about who I am and what I’m doing here… The typical “I like bubble baths (true) and long walks on the beach (eh, I prefer hiking in the mountains)” blah blah blah blah BLAH.

No, thank you.

Those first words are always the hardest, especially when you are supposed to sum yourself up in a few measly sentences (or perhaps a few not-so-measly extremely-run-on sentences, but still) ; so what if you have brown eyes (true), brown hair (true), and a killer smile (heh)?

So we’ll just skip all that and jump right in, mmmmmkay?

Let’s talk about last night – halloween, don’tcha know? Meeka’s first one ever (she gets a lot of firsts this year, given that she was just born… Crazy, huh?). And my first holiday fail, ever. SWEET.

She had the most adorable little costume (purple butterfly!) borrowed from her big cousin N (check). We had the big orange bowl of candy ready to give out to the intrepid children climbing our building in search of treats (check). She had her sweet disposition and gummy grin ready to charm everyone who came our way (nope. no way, no how)

Earlier that day her daycare had a Halloween parade, which fell right at her usual nap time. And so while, yes, I *DID* get some adorable pictures of a chubby little butterfly stuffed into a snowsuit (that was totally the daycare, I thought that giant costume would keep her warm enough on its own and even dressed her in matching purple pants underneath!), well… Yeah. One parade = one giant headache for the entire infant room the rest of the day (no, not just Meeka. Apparently little ones don’t do so well when they miss their nap, and guess who did yesterday? ALL OF THEM). And also? For mommy later that night.

And so our holiday was spent screaming our heads off as we walked the dog around the block (not my favorite experience, but worth it not to wake up to pee on the rug) followed by whimpers inside as people rang the doorbell (no cute smiles, and definitely no second round in the costume!) followed 5 minutes later by a bowl of candy by the door and a tired baby going to bed nice and early…

Certainly not the Halloween I had planned.

Guess I’m gonna have to get used to that, huh? Because I’m certainly not the one in charge around here. No, that would be this little bug:

she looks thrilled for this parade, doesn’t she?

Good thing she’s so cute. Those amazingly kissable cheeks get me every time…

  1. 2011/11/04 at 7:56 pm

    OH MY GOD. That picture.

    I hate to say it, but get used to it. Holidays are NEVER going to go the way you plan. But they turn out pretty awesome regardless.

    So happy you’re back in the blogging world. I missed you. (Not get back on Twitter!) xoxo

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