knock knock

so the same thing that dragged me right up and out of my little funk last week knocked me right into the land of wow-i’m-even-more-tired ! ah, family. love, love, love them. even if they do exhaust me.

the meeks and i spent a lovely thanksgiving with the non-laws (that would be my brother’s in-laws, who are in now way related to us, and yet are family. thanksgiving with them has become a tradition for me, and i was so happy to introduce meeka to it as well … what is a not-s0-nice tradition is the husband having to work on the holiday, and so not being able to join us – boo!)

the following day was filled with the fam as well, as everyone but my glamorous sis who had to stay in lala land came in to the city to stroll with us around central park. and stroll we did, the humans of us. our canine companion? was off at more of a bound. or a lope. or as i sometimes like to call it, he did his skitter-butt-dance (you’d know why if you saw it. hilarious, but also foreboding the fact that the dog is about to lose his ever-lovin’ mind)

the rest of the weekend was the recovery, also filled with many a pleasant walk and many a pleasant scarfing-of-leftovers.

monday brought what i’d been semi-dreading, the occurrence of a work event and i had no idea how it would go. turns out, all was well! yay!

some even better work news on top of that and all of a sudden my week was light! and airy! as i now had so much less to do! in a good way! yay!

so of course i’ve used that time wisely to look up cute christmas baby pyjamas. and maybe some matching ones (with feet! yay feetie pyjamas!) in adult sizes.

and meeks has used that time to declare she really doesn’t like her bottle, oh no, not at all, no thanks.

and also learn the sign for milk.

(yes, we’re learning baby sign language. meeka has been absolutely fascinated by her hands, so i figured she might catch on quickly. or something. turns out, she did catch on very quickly – to one sign, and one sign only. and in a very specialized context. she now signs for milk when she wants me… or rather my boobs. the other signs? eh. nothin’. but turning me into her own private cow? oh yes, she’s got that one down)

luckily, she also decided tonight that peas are alright. in fact, they’re pretty good. so what if she’s gotten them everywhere but in her mouth before? tonight, they are yummy. more, please!

oh, but that’s not all.

she wants to grow up even faster, so she’s gonna show mommy how she can scoot her cute little naked baby bum all around (but backwards only…) after we have a bath to wash off the remains of dinner (which, while almost 85% ended up in the mouth, still had an amazing 15% smeared everywhere…)

but little girl is still little – not yet 6 months! – and sometimes it’s nice to remind her of that. so we’re ending the night with her cuddled in my arms, fast asleep as i type. my baby, who will only be a baby for so long. and who tipped over and knocked her head (on a soft mat) and needed her mommy to comfort her. i am so lucky to be able to.

  1. 2011/12/02 at 11:03 am

    She is just so stinkin cute. Le sigh.


  2. 2011/12/08 at 11:52 am

    She is adorable! I half tried to teach my daughter sign language but it never really took off.

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