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This picture just makes me smile, because it perfectly captures Meeka these days – sticking her tongue out, wildly in motion, making everyone around her smile at her contagious joy (despite the new tooth that is slowly, slowly, slowly making its way through her top gums… which does nothing to destroy her mood, but DOES completely destroy her ability to sleep at night)

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Monthly Wrap-Up

2012/01/31 1 comment

These pictures have nothing to do with the post, I just felt like sharing!

SO, it’s the end of the month… How are my hopes for the new year going? Let’s see…

1. Writing: my goal was to write every weekday workday (as in, monday-friday, skipping holidays and weekends) ; I did so through the first week and into the second, but then… nope. Unless you count long emails to people. Which I don’t. So. Yeah. BUT, I am going to try again for February – I hope to write a little every day on a novel I’ve got in my head, and take inspiration from Alice Bradley – just write every day, don’t over-think, don’t go back, don’t edit. Just get it out of my head and onto paper (or, well, my computer). Because the over-thinking is what’s killing me, the not wanting to write until I have every single plot detail worked out. Which, I’m never going to. So. Just write. That’s my motto for February.

2. Running: the goal was twice a week. I made it twice a month. Largely due to weather, sickness, etc etc. But also largely due to my lack of commitment. I don’t foresee any big changes in the coming month, but plan to revisit this come spring.

3. Reading: I wanted to record all the books I’ve read. Check! More on this soon…

4. Crafting: I want to make at least one thing every month. I just squeaked by with this one, it isn’t much of a craft, but at least it’s something: a rattle for Meeka. Will share more soon…

5. Appreciating: While there have been plenty of frustrated and annoyed moments, there have also been plenty of sitting back and smiling ones, as well. At least once a day, usually more. Dancing “the noodle” with my husband. Rubbing noses with my daughter. Stopping to let the dog sniff a signpost while I enjoy the fresh air. Yes, indeed. Check!

you are…

2012/01/29 1 comment

I write this as you lie on the mattress on the floor in front of me, sprawled on your stomach with your arm above your head. No matter how you start the night – no matter how I lay you down – you flop yourself into this position within moments, then dream the night away.

On the weekends, you take your naps in my arms, a warm weight on my lap as your little head flops back, into the crook of my arm, the mix of our sweat staining your hair where it lays in my elbow. Your perfect little bow of a mouth gaps open as you breath, then twitches into a smile that takes my breath away.

I try to get up before you on the weekdays, in an attempt to get a few things done that are easier performed without a baby in my arms, as well as to have a few moments to myself. I bring the video monitor with me, and often wind up sitting with my cup of coffee, watching you slumber. You are so peacefully perfect.

Today we went to the playroom downstairs for a change of pace and space, and as you bounced and laughed, you would look at me with the smile in your eyes, and reach out your arm to pat my face.

Just before you fell asleep tonight, we lay on that mattress face to face and you stared into my eyes. And then I tickled your tummy, and you giggled infectiously. It’s a giggle that has been coming fast and furious these past few days, and it makes my heart skip a beat every time I hear it.

You cry each and every time I leave you, though I have it on good authority that you are back to your wonderfully smiley self within minutes. And your face lights up with a smile every time I come back, as your reach your arms up and then cuddle into my side, and then refuse to let me go for the rest of the night (or at least an hour or two).

You are moving all over the place these days, in all directions but forwards. You scoot and you crawl backwards, move from sitting to tummy and then back to sitting once more. You can get yourself from one side of the room to the other in the blink of an eye, but your favorite place to go is still pulling yourself into my lap.

You still bury your face in my chest and shoulder whenever you get tired, and still try to suck on my arm whenever you are hungry. And you still invariably laugh whenever my hair tickles your face, and then try to grab it for yourself. And then you grab for my necklace, the one with your initial, the one I never take off… and you never get tired of.

You still wake in the middle of the night, needing me to come for you. And then we sit and cuddle as the world is dark around us, and often fall asleep together, you a warm and welcome weight in my arms.

Each laugh, each tickle, each stupid repetitious rhyming song I sing to you; each spoonful of peas, each bath full of bubbles, each nightly struggle into your pyjamas; each load of laundry, each daily packing of bottles, each morning application of Aquaphor; each of these is simply, solely, singularly because… you are my heart.

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In Which Meeka Shows Us How To Eat Toast

2012/01/24 3 comments

What’s this?

Toast, toast, wherefore art thou toast?

Deny thy breadiness and refuse thy name

Or if thou wilt not, I will EAT YOU!

Nom Nom Nom

What? No jellies for my bellies?

Eh, whatever… Oh, hey there… Who’s that?

Do you want some of my toast?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It’s yummy!

Here, have some!

Just kidding… Nom nom nom

Eh, I’ve got two… I guess I could share

Are you still there?

Psych! Nom nom nom…


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2012/01/23 3 comments

This weekend was Meeka’s first snowstorm (not her first snow, as we had that this past October… and nothin’ since!)

OF COURSE we had to venture out in it right in the middle (when a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go)

(and this dog had to GO!)

Meeks wasn’t sure about the snow at first

But soon she got more into it…

(Though it was too cold to play for long)

And then Meeka was introduced to the best part of snow days: coming back inside to a warm home, hot cocoa (or boobie milk for her), piles of blankets, and lots of snuggles!


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Meeka is thisclose to crawling, and she’s finding it very frustrating. She perfected the logroll and the backwards scooch quite awhile ago, but disdains to use them for mobility as she knows what she wants, and what she wants is in front of her, and she’s no dummy, neither of those maneuvers are the way to get there.

She sees something she likes in front of her…

Of course, neither is her preferred attempt – which involves “the superman,” her lying on her tummy lifting both arms and both legs up off the ground and rocking forwards and backwards while staring intently at her target and, usually, grunting. (It’s absolutely adorable, and usually inspires me to shout “Fly, baby! Fly!” and occasionally snatch her up to fly around the room in that perfect superhero pose)

…she tries to go get it using her superhero skillz…

“the superman” as seen from above

…still trying to will herself forward by mind-power alone…

Following the superman, she’ll put hands and feet back down and usually do a pretty good downward dog; sometimes the knees go down and she’s in position, but actual momentum forward is not achieved (and if it looks like it might be, she usually lays her head down on the ground and walks her legs forward into a nice little forward bend maneuver). Backwards? Yes. Rotation? Yes. But actual crawling? Not yet.

…closer to the real thing… (and yes, she’s learned to pull on blankets to move desired objects closer as well)

But it’s on the horizon, and that? Both amazes and terrifies me.


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Gaming the System

2012/01/18 3 comments

Does this look like the face of an evil genius?

(And yes, that’s maniacal laughter caught on camera right there…)

Meeka is fast becoming one devious little minx, and needless to say, I am worried about our future. If she’s outsmarting us adults at 7 months old, what will this little genius be doing in the months or years to come?

It began a couple of weeks ago, when after the holidays and her illness, she returned to daycare for our regularly scheduled programming. And she didn’t like it, oh no she didn’t. What had been grand before was now unacceptable, since she’d become accustomed to more Mommy (and more Mommy’s boob), and she wanted that back.

But what to do?

Apparently, she’s figured out how to connect cause and consequence. As in, sick baby = call to mommy = get to go home. And so she developed a fake cough. And indeed, I got called. And indeed, I came to pick her up. At which point, she promptly stopped coughing. (I did get to hear the fake cough once, and confirmed with the daycare that while she’d been sick and coughing, this was NOT that cough)

Adults: 0, Meeka: 1

Plotting her next move

Of course, following that incident, the fake cough was ignored, forcing her to move on.

Which brings us to this week, after a long weekend where she was once again delighted with a bit more boob-time than usual. And so, Tuesday. She didn’t bring out the fake cough again, oh no. This time she just decided to do a full-on protest, to see where that would get her. Non-stop crying all day, and refusal to nap. And again, abnormal/sick behavior = multiple calls to mommy (the daycare is great, they were keeping me updated throughout the day) = mommy picks her up early. And yes, as soon as I arrived, she stopped crying. And as soon as we were home, she passed out on my lap for a nice long nap. And while I did look for any reason for this behavior – ear infection (one of the few times I have actually used my personal otoscope), teething, abnormal bowel movements, injury, etc – no reason could be found.

Adults: 0, Meeka: 2

Who, me? Meeka’s perfecting her look of innocence when caught

(It appears we have entered the territory of separation anxiety. I imagine it will prove an interesting one, as Meeka seems prepared to fight back with everything she has. And so far, she’s winning.)

And this picture is here just because I find it hysterical – that’s Meeks belly laughing while she and I play with an (empty) soda bottle… her new favorite toy

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