Oh, hai there.

Yup, it’s me. I’m still here.

The holidays have rolled right along, bringing with them the good (oh, so good) and the bad (oh, so bad) and all the things in between. And now we’re here, in 2012 – an entirely new year. Gosh. How’d that happen?

I say it every year, and I mean it every year – but wow, that was fast.

I have a post or two in the queue, but they’re fairly heavy stuff, not the way to start of this bright and shiny new year.

No, the best way to do that is remembering the joy of the old.

(Translation: let me show you mah babee!!!!)

Meeka was a trooper, despite being so sick… (Christmas Day)

And she did find plenty of things to celebrate, including flying lessons with her Uncle!

And munching on bows…

Though we saw her sick face quite a bit…

… there was, amazingly, plenty of jumping and smiles as well!

And throughout the week, she discovered new things to smile about… Like daddy letting her teeth on his Diet Coke

And mail! For Meeka! (Or… junk mail! For me!)

By the time the New Year was rolling around, there was a lot more of Meeka’s signature smiles…

AND she felt good enough to go out for her first sushi dinner! YUM! (Well, yummy for mommy and daddy… Meeks enjoyed nomming on the variety of toys we brought to keep her entertained)

Back to enjoyin’ life!

Though this was the view I saw more often during the week: “Mommy! PICK ME UP!”


And though I am not one for making resolutions (and, if you know me, you know I’m not one to celebrate the New Year at all… It’s one holiday I prefer to let pass me by, and so it did again this year, finding me in bed at 8pm. Which was exactly what I needed, and wanted) I do feel the need, now, four days into the year, to write out some general goals for myself. Or guidelines. Or wishes.

  • I hope to write every weekday workday, whether it be blog or essay or novel (I make excuses not to write way too often, I need to stop doing this)
  • I hope to go running with the pup twice a week, because I know it will make both of us feel that much better (I prioritize way too many things before my health, and again, this needs to stop)
  • I hope to record all the books I read this year, a la the fabulous Heidikins, just because I think it will be interesting (I like to read. Enough said)
  • I hope to get my craft back on, and make something new each month (Making things makes me feel good, and everyone needs to do something for themselves)

And, most importantly…

  • I hope to spend more time in the moment, just enjoying the company of my favorite people, breathing in the scent of my daughter and laughing alongside my husband and truly enjoying my life (I find myself mired in the daily muck and not taking the time to truly appreciate all that I have all too often – I need to remember that taking that extra minute to play with the dog, or humor my husband, or make faces in the mirror with my daughter won’t put me that far behind, and those minutes are the ones I should cherish rather than rush by)

  1. 2012/01/05 at 12:07 pm

    I love your goals, particularly the writing one. And I, for one, am very much looking forward to see what you read. 🙂


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