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Meeka is thisclose to crawling, and she’s finding it very frustrating. She perfected the logroll and the backwards scooch quite awhile ago, but disdains to use them for mobility as she knows what she wants, and what she wants is in front of her, and she’s no dummy, neither of those maneuvers are the way to get there.

She sees something she likes in front of her…

Of course, neither is her preferred attempt – which involves “the superman,” her lying on her tummy lifting both arms and both legs up off the ground and rocking forwards and backwards while staring intently at her target and, usually, grunting. (It’s absolutely adorable, and usually inspires me to shout “Fly, baby! Fly!” and occasionally snatch her up to fly around the room in that perfect superhero pose)

…she tries to go get it using her superhero skillz…

“the superman” as seen from above

…still trying to will herself forward by mind-power alone…

Following the superman, she’ll put hands and feet back down and usually do a pretty good downward dog; sometimes the knees go down and she’s in position, but actual momentum forward is not achieved (and if it looks like it might be, she usually lays her head down on the ground and walks her legs forward into a nice little forward bend maneuver). Backwards? Yes. Rotation? Yes. But actual crawling? Not yet.

…closer to the real thing… (and yes, she’s learned to pull on blankets to move desired objects closer as well)

But it’s on the horizon, and that? Both amazes and terrifies me.


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