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In Which Meeka Shows Us How To Eat Toast

What’s this?

Toast, toast, wherefore art thou toast?

Deny thy breadiness and refuse thy name

Or if thou wilt not, I will EAT YOU!

Nom Nom Nom

What? No jellies for my bellies?

Eh, whatever… Oh, hey there… Who’s that?

Do you want some of my toast?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It’s yummy!

Here, have some!

Just kidding… Nom nom nom

Eh, I’ve got two… I guess I could share

Are you still there?

Psych! Nom nom nom…


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  1. 2012/01/24 at 9:48 am

    Haha! My daughter does that fake out sharing with the dogs too.

    • 2012/01/24 at 12:33 pm

      Luckily for the dog, two of her favorite meal-time activities include tray-banging (which jumps the food right onto the floor!Imagine that!) and spoon-throwing (again, food on floor!) … And when those occur, it is then that I (and my vacuum and mop) am very, very grateful for that incessantly hungry puppy 😉

  2. 2012/01/24 at 2:58 pm




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