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Style Section: the week I gave up…

2012/02/29 2 comments

So, last week was my week to draw inspiration (mostly… OK, totally… from Pinterest) and plan new! exciting! outfits.

And yes, I did. And it was good. Fun. Silly.

But – I don’t have any pictures to share with you. Mostly because I didn’t take them. OK, so I took a few. And they were as horrible as the ones from the previous weeks. And then I just… stopped. Life and stuff got in the way. And also? I kinda hate the horrible pictures. The outfits are much cuter than those pictures. Or, sometimes they are. (Or, they are in my mind, at least)

So, today? Today I will just share the inspiration pictures. And you can all pretend that I looked half as good! And we can all be happy!

First up we have this lovely number, which inspired me to pair up some of my black and brown (and drool over that purple clutch); uploaded to pinterest by megazang

Cute blazer and bright scarf? Yes, please! (Love the sunglasses as well, but since my last pair broke and I haven’t replaced ’em… well…) (via Gal Meets Glam)

Jeans, striped sweater layered under a blazer? Reminds me of my boarding school days (J Crew)…

OK, this one was too easy – pairing up my bright coral sweater with other pops of the same/similar color… But still, love the look! (Original pin by Kristin Prewitt)

And then some casual weekend looks:

(J Crew)

 Via Bmore Love Leigh

I’m not taking pictures again this week… From here on out, I think I may just post  some of my favorite inspirations… And perhaps the outfits they lead me to create (if I can ever get a good photo, sheesh, self!) ; however, it has been a fun experiment for the month, and allowed me to re-find things in my closet I’ve shoved to the back and forgotten about! (Also – spring is coming up soon! YAY! and that means a closet re-shuffle, all “new” – aka old but packed away – spring items soon to appear!)

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2012/02/28 1 comment

Life has been a bit of a whirl these past few days, spinning my thoughts every which way until I’m not quite sure which way is up. I’ve got many a thought and many a plan but no implementation of anything yet. I hate being stuck in the limbo of knowing where you want to go/be/do and yet having to wait to get there, for whatever reason. And as I twirl away over here, I came across this post this morning which just hit a nerve… and so I share it with you, in lieu of my own words, as those are still forming at the moment.

Just because

2012/02/26 1 comment

I love that you can dress babies in ridiculous things and they look just adorable, no matter what. So, yes, that is my fleece headband Meeka is wearing. And yes, she DOES have a gigantic head, thanksforpointingthatoutMOM.

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She’s a deep thinker, this one

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2012/02/23 1 comment

Honestly, I don’t know that this photo needs any words.

The fact that my 8 month old pulls up on anything and everything, then is able to creep along for quite awhile? And is already attempting to let go and stand on her own? Yeah. That scares me.

Mah baby! Where oh where is mah baby?!?!

Because this little booger is WAY TOO GROWN UP to be my baby!

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Style Section: Week Three

Sunday, February 12

And we start off with a day I forgot to take a photo… Mostly because we were actually pretty busy this day – story time, long walk with friends (despite the FREEZING COLD), play-date with warm tea… And in my book, having a good day chock-full of friends and fun is definitely more important than remembering to take a really bad self-portrait 😉

Monday, February 13

Argh. This photo really demonstrates the problem with most of my pants: my lack of a booty = saggy pants (and all breast-feeding weight has come off that area, so pants are not fitting so well at the moment… but I don’t have the cash to buy all new pants, and also don’t know if/when the booty might reappear, so. yeah. I have a saggy bum. Oh well.)

Attire: J. Crew cardigan, Lands End Canvas white button-down shirt, H&M skinny belt, Banana Republic pants. On Meeka: Carters outfit that was promptly puked on and changed; she’s also holding my second option of skinny belt, also puked on. Oy.

Tuesday, February 14

Terrible, terrible picture. Horrible. So sorry. Also, I somehow managed to take this horrid pic of myself, and none of Meeka in her adorable Valentine’s outfit… Attire: Radcliffe of London jeans, red top bought at Marshall’s a few years ago, Gap black cardigan. Please forget you ever saw this picture. I am going to try to forget it exists, as well.

Wednesday, February 15

Somewhat better! YAY! Attire: James jeans skinny jeans, Lands End Canvas striped button-down shirt, Lands End Canvas cardigan. On Meeka: Carters pants and onesie, Old Navy T shirt, baby faux-hawk courtesy of bath-time playing

Thursday, February 16

??? Not sure why I don’t have a picture for today, perhaps it was accidentally deleted by the husband?

Friday, February 17

Just a casual day, no effort put in here at all. Attire: Ann Taylor LOFT chinos, black Old Navy sweater, hair piled on top of head. On Meeka: adorable striped pants and T-shirt, both Carters.

Saturday, February 18

We spent a wonderful day just chilling at home (and cleaning- you can see the mess all around us!) and dressed the part… Attire: black leggings (bought at Daffy’s), Gap long-sleeve tissue T, Ann Taylor LOFT shrug/cardi. On Meeka: yellow jumpsuit from unknown brand (seriously, the tag fell out after the first wash)

Sunday, February 19

(No, I am not throwing the baby… We are dancing and this is our finale – “the dip” – and that expression on her face? Pure joy. She LOVES being dipped/turned upside down. Also bounced. Thrown. Generally any kind of baby-daredevil-shenanigans you can think of)

And for the second day of this long weekend, we also did a lot of playing together (though did venture out and about on this day)

Attire: Old Navy brown cords, Old Navy grey cable sweater. On Meeka: Child of Mine white onesie, Old Navy red fleece pants.


Although Monday being a holiday I also went with comfy-casual-easy clothes, this week I am gleaning some inspiration and attempting outfits that are out of my usual patterns… Though I can’t promise the self-photography to be any better, sorry!

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2012/02/20 2 comments

There have been some changes made here at casa de la Meeka this weekend, but I wanna wait to talk about them due to that little bit of superstitious fear lurking in the back of my brain… BUT! Due to those changes, I have actually had time to download photos and play with them (sometime I’ve missed!) – usually my husband is the one who does the transfer from camera to computer duties 🙂

And usually he deletes the “bad” photos before I see them. But? Sometimes those so-called bad photos are the ones that are the best – even if they’re blurry, etc, they just capture that moment, ya know? And so, I’m happy to present to you some out-takes from the past week:

these cheeks just kill me!

again with the cheeks!

haha, this expression cracks me up! “Another picture, mom? Really?!?!”

… as for the outfit… well… first thing in the morning, Meeka and I have a battle of wills. I want to change her first; she wants to nurse first. Since I’m bigger, stronger, and don’t play fair, I win. But, since she’s littler, very cunning, and has a set of lungs, sometimes she manages to get her way a little earlier than I’d want. Hence the half-on PJs. She’s trying to make it her “look”

haha, mommy! I win!

She’s very excited about… something… here 😉

The constant motion and “jumping” on the bed (I took video, too… it’s adorable! If I do say so myself, as a *completely* unbiased observer. Yes, indeed)

The new way to use a pacifier (she’s never taken to one, but loves to chew on them as toys)

Climbing up mommy (her FAVORITE activity)

concentrating VERY hard here…

Meeka can cross the floor in seconds when she really wants something…

And she really, really loves to tip over all her toys and make a huge mess!

(And then put everything in her mouth)

Jumping! YAY!

Tipping over the toybin… again…

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