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Gotta start learning personal hygiene early!

  • Meeka has a new tooth! It’s her top left… and yes, it looks as funny as you might imagine to only have three teeth 😉
  • Still no forward momentum… but that doesn’t stop this little firecracker, who can move herself backwards across the room in seconds – and has also mastered geometry, enabling her to plot an elliptical course from here (where she is) to there (somewhere in front of her) that requires her to move backwards, sideways, every direction but forwards – but somehow always gets her to where she wants to go!
  • Meeka learned a new trick – how to pull herself to a stand in her crib. 15 minutes after I’d laid her down last night, I heard her calling from her room. Since I was busy packing the remains of dinner away in the kitchen, it took me a few moments longer to go check on her than it typically does. So, instead of being confronted with a baby who had turned herself around i n her crib to stare at the doorway through the slats while lying on her tummy… I was confronted with a baby who had turned herself around, sat up, then pulled herself up to stare at the doorway from over the top of her crib rail. She did it again this morning, demonstrating it was NOT a one time thing. Can I just say, that mattress is gonna be lowered, STAT?
  • I’d now give it even odds whether she learns to crawl forward first, or learns to walk. Either way… life’s gonna be that much more interesting VERY soon…
  • And yes, she’s not even 8 months old yet. Why, oh why, did I get the adventurous, mobile baby?
  • She’s also adventurous with eating… loves EVERYTHING we’ve given her so far, except the green beans. But she’ll eat those if they’re mixed with something. She’s also started to really want to try to feed herself, and has improved on the hand-mouth coordination to the point where the can get the food to her mouth about half the time 😉
  • We still take a bath every night after dinner (since the other half the time, the food ends up… well, everywhere)
  • We’re also still in the throes of separation anxiety, with her clinging and crying every time I leave… Now, I love to be loved, but – this phase can end. Soon. I hope.
  • And sleep. Oh, sleep. Where are you? Not at our home… If sleeping in her crib, we’re lucky to get 2-3 hours in a row. When co-sleeping, it’s much better – 4-5 usually. However, the problem with co-sleeping? My husband is a DEEP sleeper who also moves around a lot. We do NOT co-sleep with him. (I’ve woken up before with him nearly fully on top of me, as he’s rolled in his sleep. While somewhat uncomfortable for me to have a large man as a blanket, it’s usually just funny. Not so much if it’s the Meeks he’s on top of) Instead, we co-sleep on a mattress on the floor of her room. Which is fine, actually rather comfy, and allows me to get a lot more sleep than if we’re all in our own beds. BUT. It also means I am not sleeping with my husband, the nights we do this. Which is fine, on occasion. But not something I want to happen every night. So… yeah. We’re working on this.
  • Footie pyjamas. I want some. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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