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Sunday Style Section

Yes, I know it is not Sunday… Let’s just ignore the fact that this is 2 days late, mmmmmkay? (Factors such as snot, coughing, lack of sleep, more snot and coughing, and even less sleep migh have something to do with the delay. But I prefer to try to forget these things, if at all possible. Ignore, ignore, ignore. And maybe then they’ll go away?)

Anyways, back to the point of this post.

Clothes. Style. Fashion.


That is, I am bored of my clothes. Usually, one can overcome this by going out and finding an item or two to infuse one’s wardrobe with something fresh and new, thus overcoming the fashion flatness. But, at the moment, that is just not a possibility for me due to some strict budgeting concerns. So? What to do?

Well… I’ve decided to make this Fashion February. What that means is – I will (try to) take a picture of what I am wearing every day. For the first two weeks, I will just wear what I usually do, and document this. Then, mid-month, I will change things up – take some inspiration from others (ummmm, Pinterest, anyone?), maybe (hopefully!) get some suggestions from y’all… and document the changes (and hopefully, resurgence of interest) in my fashions.

So. GULP. Here we go.

(Please, please, please excuse the crappy pictures. Note from week 1: try to get better pictures… quality sucks at the moment!)

Sunday, January 29

So, in the interest of keeping it real, here is my usual evening/morning/weekend attire: scrubs (or pyjama pants), realllllly old black fleece from Gap (interchangeable with sweatshirts, other fleeces, etc). On Meeka: fleecy pyjamas from Carter’s

Here’s what we wore out and about (to Story Time!): Flexees shaper cami, Radcliffe of London shirt (worn backwards for nursing ease), Aeropostale jeans from ages ago (YES, I know I am not a tween… BUT these jeans actually fit my lack of hips and butt and so they are kept in the closet, despite their age and origin. Le sigh. I never said I was a fashionista), CK Bradley belt. On Meeka: Carter’s onesie and pants


Monday, January 30

GAH! HORRIBLE PICTURE! Please ignore the hair, the expression on Meeka’s face, and, well, pretty much everything here… Attire: Ann Taylor Loft pants, Banana Republic shirt, Gap cardigan; on Meeka: Carter’s onesie, adorable Guess outfit from Auntie K, baby Gap socks (which she promptly pulls off within minutes every.single.time)


Tuesday, January 31

OK, so I had to do some creative cropping of this picture to prevent you from getting a lovely view of dog butt. YOU’RE WELCOME. (Unfortunately, this cropped out the fact that this is the one and only picture in which I am actually wearing shoes) Attire: Flexees shaper cami, Banana Republic shirt, William Rast jeans; on Meeka: Carter’s pants and T-shirt; on Mooji: wagging tail, begging face!


Wednesday, February 1

Dude. I really need to get better at this self-portrait thing. Attire: Lands End Canvas button-down shirt, Old Navy sweater from years ago, Old Navy brown cords also from years ago… On Meeka: Carters pants, H&M sweater (you can’t tell, but we matched that day!)


Thursday, February 2

Again with the socks, the awkward posing, the horrible expressions… GAH! Attire: J Crew Tshirt, Banana Republic cardigan, Radcliffe of London jeans, plain old white socks (I’m pretty sure I wore my Dansko clogs that day, fashion don’t that they are); on Meeka: once again, an outfit from carters! Imagine that!


Friday, February 3

Aaaaand… we’ve devolved to a picture with wet hair and no make-up. For this one, I’m sure you’re glad for the crappy picture quality! 😉 Attire: H&M lacy tank, Gap sheer T, Ann Taylor Loft chinos, Gap Kids belt from, um, highschool?!?! (indeed. and at the moment, it’s one of the few belts that actually fits me! nursing seems to have sucked all the weight outta my hips and butt, but left it on the places I’d actually like to see some slimmage) ; on the moving Meeka: long sleeve onesie from ??? and H&M pants (we were having a comfy clothes day in the hopes of warding off her cold… it didn’t work)


Saturday, February 4

Missed the boat on a picture today, since all we have is this one… But really, replace the scrubs with jeans, and that’s pretty much what I wore all day. Attire: Gap long-sleeve T, Oakley fleece jacket, Nike fleece headband, scrubs/jeans; on Meeka: we did comfy PJs all day, white fleece jumpsuit on top for walking, Bass winter hat, Baby Bjorn; on Mooji: Halti gentle leader, excited face to go out and sniff!sniff!sniff!


Notes to self:

1. Better pictures, mmmmmkay?

2. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!


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  1. 2012/02/07 at 10:46 am

    I have the oxblood red patent Dansko shoes, and I love love love them. They are my go-to winter shoe and I have ever considered buying another pair in purple patent leather.

    In other news: you look great in pink, and also that turquoise/teal color! I’m kind of excited about this whole series! 🙂


  2. Kim
    2012/02/15 at 3:16 pm

    Dear sis: I appreciate the attempt at fashion blogging. You rock. However, your clothes do not. After age 30 you should not have stuff in your closet from high school (although I’m impressed that you still fit into stuff from high school. Once again, you rock). With that said, you should be expecting a care package to come in the mail some time soon with a few things to help you spice up that very sad wardrobe.


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