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Sunday (Tuesday) Style Section, Week 2

Well, hello there! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m popping out from under the rock I’ve been hiding under to post a few more crappy pictures of what I’ve been wearing… Somehow, these pictures are even worse than the previous ones, don’t know how that happened…But enough about that, on to the (horrifying, can’t believe I’m posting these) show:

Sunday, February 5

Sorry, dropped the ball and don’t have an outfit picture from this day (and don’t really remember what I wore, it certainly wasn’t anything spectacular…) Instead, please enjoy this picture of Meeka walking the dog (gotta teach ’em how to work early, ya know)

Monday, February 6

Ah, laziness, that is my inspiration for this outfit! Attire: Worn jeans, H&M belt, Gap long-sleeve T; Pottery Barn Kids bag (contains Meeka’s essentials for the day). On Meeka: H&M socks, Carters pants and onesie, Gap shirt-dress

Tuesday, February 7

Attire: James jeans, Banana Republic shirt, scarf c/o my mom, drugstore headband. On Meeka: unknown brand onesie, Carters pants, Gap socks (that remained on her feet for less than a minute once I put her down…). Picture courtesy of my husband, which is why it isn’t quite as horrible as the rest…

And here’s a terrible picture of just me, so you can see that I actually do wear shoes (Italian boots from Daffy’s, bought years ago… possibly the item in my closet that gets the most queries of where I got ’em, because yes, they are that fabulous and kick-ass – literally, look at the toes, they could kick some SERIOUS ass!)

Wednesday, February 8

And here’s where we get to the truly terrible photography (these coming photos had to be extremely lightened in PS to even be seen… no idea what happened to my camera settings, other than to say a certain little munchkin likes to grab at things that aren’t *exactly* toys) … And no, I have NO IDEA why I am posing like that!

Attire: Ann Taylor Loft grey pants, Gap Kids belt, Gap blue button-down shirt, Gap black cardigan. On Meeka: All Carters, all the way!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what I look like as I actually head out to work:

I’m wearing my Danskos again (boring black… next time, I’m gonna have to go with some wild and wonderful color or pattern!) and my Guess grey jacket, scarf, gloves (which you can’t see)

Thursday, February 9

Hmmmm… Well… Yeah. No picture from today. OOPS.

Friday, February 10

Oy. This was one rushed, horrible, no good, very bad morning. As you might be able to tell by the look on my face. I just kinda threw on anything I laid my hands on. Attire: Worn jeans, Banana Republic T, O’Neill black hoodie

BUT! Later that day, after things took a turn for the worse (more on that later), they did an about-face and got better! Because! DATE NIGHT! (No use celebrating Valentine’s on the actual day, plus we had extended-hour daycare on this day, so… YAY! Dinner! Adult conversation!)

Now, this is a truly, truly terrible pic. But, I was all dressy! Like, in a dress! Really! Attire: Banana Republic dress layered over tights and H&M shirt (it was cooooooold), black boots; silver necklace (owned forever, possibly from F21?), silver earrings from Santa Monica (bought with a necklace I wore for my sister’s wedding!) We went here, and it was truly fantastic. I highly recommend if you are ever in NYC.

Saturday, February 11

While we had a big day planned, we ended up scrapping most of it and just spent the day cuddling and napping. We did, however, manage to make it out to one of the events – a Valentine’s party! Attire: Radcliffe of London jeans, Gap T, Patagonia fleece. On Meeka: Carters tights and pink onesie, adorable heart bubble dress from ?

Just because life is busy chewing me up and spitting me out (hopefully whole, though a little gnawed upon) I’m just doing the same-old-same-old this week, but starting next week, I hope to change it up — I will be using some of my stylin’ pins as inspiration 😉

Which brings me to my request – anyone with any suggestions, please send them my way! Pictures, or just general descriptions (like, “I’d like to see you dressed head-to-toe in purple, please!” Which, if that’s your request, well: 1. grape fetish, much? and 2. sure! in the privacy of my own home! But if you expect me to be an eggplant in public, you’d better also be sending me a large sum of money to make it happen 😉 … You can email me at meekasmommy@gmail.com ! (Little sis, I’m looking at you, oh stylish one!)

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  1. charmcitykim
    2012/02/14 at 10:17 am

    Meeka is so cute! & I love that Banana Republic date night dress.

    I have no requests. I know how much of a pain it is to try to dress snazzy while caring for an infant AND having to balance work. I think you’re doing a great job!

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