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There have been some changes made here at casa de la Meeka this weekend, but I wanna wait to talk about them due to that little bit of superstitious fear lurking in the back of my brain… BUT! Due to those changes, I have actually had time to download photos and play with them (sometime I’ve missed!) – usually my husband is the one who does the transfer from camera to computer duties 🙂

And usually he deletes the “bad” photos before I see them. But? Sometimes those so-called bad photos are the ones that are the best – even if they’re blurry, etc, they just capture that moment, ya know? And so, I’m happy to present to you some out-takes from the past week:

these cheeks just kill me!

again with the cheeks!

haha, this expression cracks me up! “Another picture, mom? Really?!?!”

… as for the outfit… well… first thing in the morning, Meeka and I have a battle of wills. I want to change her first; she wants to nurse first. Since I’m bigger, stronger, and don’t play fair, I win. But, since she’s littler, very cunning, and has a set of lungs, sometimes she manages to get her way a little earlier than I’d want. Hence the half-on PJs. She’s trying to make it her “look”

haha, mommy! I win!

She’s very excited about… something… here 😉

The constant motion and “jumping” on the bed (I took video, too… it’s adorable! If I do say so myself, as a *completely* unbiased observer. Yes, indeed)

The new way to use a pacifier (she’s never taken to one, but loves to chew on them as toys)

Climbing up mommy (her FAVORITE activity)

concentrating VERY hard here…

Meeka can cross the floor in seconds when she really wants something…

And she really, really loves to tip over all her toys and make a huge mess!

(And then put everything in her mouth)

Jumping! YAY!

Tipping over the toybin… again…

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  1. 2012/02/20 at 6:25 pm

    Cute as can be! Amazing how expressive they are already…makes you afraid for when they really can talk!

  2. 2012/02/21 at 1:03 pm

    I have a hard time deleting most photos of AM (because like you, I find some great “outtakes”) but I will delete the crap out of pictures of me! You won’t find many of me post-baby because I am convinced I look horrible in most of them.

    Meeka is adorable!

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