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Style Section: Week Three

Sunday, February 12

And we start off with a day I forgot to take a photo… Mostly because we were actually pretty busy this day – story time, long walk with friends (despite the FREEZING COLD), play-date with warm tea… And in my book, having a good day chock-full of friends and fun is definitely more important than remembering to take a really bad self-portrait 😉

Monday, February 13

Argh. This photo really demonstrates the problem with most of my pants: my lack of a booty = saggy pants (and all breast-feeding weight has come off that area, so pants are not fitting so well at the moment… but I don’t have the cash to buy all new pants, and also don’t know if/when the booty might reappear, so. yeah. I have a saggy bum. Oh well.)

Attire: J. Crew cardigan, Lands End Canvas white button-down shirt, H&M skinny belt, Banana Republic pants. On Meeka: Carters outfit that was promptly puked on and changed; she’s also holding my second option of skinny belt, also puked on. Oy.

Tuesday, February 14

Terrible, terrible picture. Horrible. So sorry. Also, I somehow managed to take this horrid pic of myself, and none of Meeka in her adorable Valentine’s outfit… Attire: Radcliffe of London jeans, red top bought at Marshall’s a few years ago, Gap black cardigan. Please forget you ever saw this picture. I am going to try to forget it exists, as well.

Wednesday, February 15

Somewhat better! YAY! Attire: James jeans skinny jeans, Lands End Canvas striped button-down shirt, Lands End Canvas cardigan. On Meeka: Carters pants and onesie, Old Navy T shirt, baby faux-hawk courtesy of bath-time playing

Thursday, February 16

??? Not sure why I don’t have a picture for today, perhaps it was accidentally deleted by the husband?

Friday, February 17

Just a casual day, no effort put in here at all. Attire: Ann Taylor LOFT chinos, black Old Navy sweater, hair piled on top of head. On Meeka: adorable striped pants and T-shirt, both Carters.

Saturday, February 18

We spent a wonderful day just chilling at home (and cleaning- you can see the mess all around us!) and dressed the part… Attire: black leggings (bought at Daffy’s), Gap long-sleeve tissue T, Ann Taylor LOFT shrug/cardi. On Meeka: yellow jumpsuit from unknown brand (seriously, the tag fell out after the first wash)

Sunday, February 19

(No, I am not throwing the baby… We are dancing and this is our finale – “the dip” – and that expression on her face? Pure joy. She LOVES being dipped/turned upside down. Also bounced. Thrown. Generally any kind of baby-daredevil-shenanigans you can think of)

And for the second day of this long weekend, we also did a lot of playing together (though did venture out and about on this day)

Attire: Old Navy brown cords, Old Navy grey cable sweater. On Meeka: Child of Mine white onesie, Old Navy red fleece pants.


Although Monday being a holiday I also went with comfy-casual-easy clothes, this week I am gleaning some inspiration and attempting outfits that are out of my usual patterns… Though I can’t promise the self-photography to be any better, sorry!

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