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photo-and-memory purge

Meeka is 9 months old. She is different today than she was just a month ago, and will be a month from now. Here are some memories from now…

Meeka loves picking up a toy, playing with it for a moment, then holding it out for you to take while you say “Thank you!” … before giving it right back to her. To wash, rinse, repeat. Ad nauseum. (At least she’s learning to share? And/or manners?)

This little girl is such a daredevil. She LOVES to be thrown/spun/turned upside down. (Also to climb, explore, and bash her head into things)

Sometimes she takes this pause, and you can just SEE her thinking. My little smarty-pants!

OK, this one is just funny. Total stink face here.  (Also baby faux-hawk. Any chance they go together? Meh)

Baby girl loves her food. Also feeding herself. She’s just… creative… about finding her mouth

Loves to read her Peekaboo books. SO.EXCITING!YAY! She pulls them out and squeals when we start. Adorable!

She’s waving and clapping – the typical baby stuff, I know. But she’ll wave and smile to EVERYONE. She’s quite the social butterfly. (Which she totally did NOT get from me, I’m shy now and was much worse when I was younger…)

Climbing and pulling up on everything? Check. Slapping every surface to make loud noises? Check.

She does this thing where if she’s put down on a mattress/pillow/soft surface, she’ll flop forward to lie belly-down on it… Just to test its softness, ya know? She’ll stay there a moment, smiling up at you, then get back up and go on her way.

(Side note: got a report from daycare yesterday that she did this lying down softness-check on another baby’s tummy. Which? So cute! Because we all know baby-tummies are the softest, squishiest, bestest head rests ever!)

She loves to explore (i.e. grab) everything around her… watching her figure things out for herself is possibly one of the greatest things about being a mommy. That and the cuddles. And her smell. And the cuddles. And, oh yes, the cuddles! 😉

  1. 2012/03/19 at 9:23 pm

    Great photos and memories! You can never have too many of these – you think you’ll remember, but you don’t! Love the photo of her mishaps eating. 😉

  2. 2012/03/20 at 2:38 pm

    Meeka and AM are so similar!

    AM loves being tossed around and sometimes I do it if she’s crying so that she’ll stop. Wait – that sounds awful. If she’s upset about something, I’ll usually pick her up and toss her around a bit to make her happy (she’ll usually start laughing).

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