Thanks so much for all the advice and suggestions! I’ve tried one recipe from Annabel Karmel and Meeka (and I!) looooooved it… tonight we’ll attempt recipe #2! On the sippy cup front, there hasn’t really been any progress. Upon checking our options at home, I found we already DO have a Nuby sippy cup (which she loves to throw on the floor, but drinking out of it? Eh. Not so much) – so. Yeah. However, in the past few days, what she HAS been doing is trying to drink from MY cup (obviously NOT a sippy cup, heh!) – she’ll reach for it, I’ll hold it and tip it gently, and then she’ll drink from it. Not *quite* the same as a sippy cup, but I’ll take it! (And need I say that I’ll only allow this when it’s water in my cup? Not that she doesn’t try for the coffee, but this little one has enough energy without it, unlike mommy!) (And at least I’m not feeding her mouth-to-mouth like a baby bird!)

On a food-related note, I just got the book “How to get your kid to eat – but not too much” by Ellyn Satter – and though I’m only a chapter in (because a certain little one has decided she wants to get up an hour earlier in the morning!) I’m loving it so far! I heard about it through Amalah, and like pretty much all of her baby-and-kid-and-life-in-general advice, I found it spot-on for my own general life philosophies… And if any of you are looking for an interesting baby-related read, I thought I’d pass the recommendation along 😉

Now for a totally unrelated topic with absolutely no segue – Meeka has been pulling up on EVERYTHING for quite awhile, started cruising moments thereafter and transferring at the same time … but she hasn’t seemed to have any desire to actually walk in a forward direction. Until last night. In an effort to get out some of her excess energy, we went to the building playroom – and all of a sudden, one of the toys she’s ignored up til now suddenly became oh-so-fascinating! Oh, yes – she found a (broken) baby walker:

And it was like a light bulb suddenly switched on – she pulled up, and then was off! She walked back and forth across that mat a good dozen times … though I will admit, about half of those times she was “walking” on her knees (which was also utterly adorable). The other parents in the room were all “oooooh”ing and “aaaaah”ing – and then telling me that she’ll be actually walking in weeks. To which I say, please, no. It can take a little longer. She can cut a terrific swath of destruction as it is! (And then they wanted to know how old she was, and couldn’t believe she’s only 9 months… because this baby? is 1. gigantic, and 2. super coordinated for her age… oh, and 3. very adventurous and VERY headstrong!)

(and sure, I may be bragging on her a little bit, but that’s totally my right as her adoring #1 fan, no? also, in the interest of full disclosure, she’s always been advanced on the physical milestones and dead average on the verbal ones. so. yeah. not exactly super baby over here, just average normal utterly adorable Meeka)

  1. jesser
    2012/03/28 at 11:08 pm

    See, you’re smart. I wanted T to walk desperately and had no idea what it would mean for my freedom when she did! No more putting her somewhere and walking away and her being right where I left her. Hehe. Actually, with B I wanted him to walk too, but b/c he was sooo big for his age. But T did the walking with things for a long time but didn’t walk unassisted until 13 months!! I think she was just a bit chicken (still is). Meeka does look very close though! Even if it’s not welcome, it is exciting. 😉

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