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bad mood

2012/04/25 2 comments

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately… Also known as: WARNING! WARNING! BAD MOOD!!! WARNING!

There is no real reason, just a general ickiness. Things I want to change – that I know WILL change – just not fast enough for me.

When my daughter gets fussy, it’s usually pretty easy to fix – she usually wants food or a cuddle. And if all else fails, the boobs solve everything.

I only wish my bad mood could be solved as easily.



Advice, Please

2012/04/19 5 comments


How, When, Why?

Meeka has always been a boob girl. She loves to nurse. She latched on immediately in the hospital, and has been trying to live attached to my boob ever since. She’s currently working out her own exercise routine, tentatively called “Breastfeeding Gymnastics” – and no, it’s not the boobs doing the gyrating (thank god!) but rather, the baby trying to see how many ways she can contort herself while still keeping the nipple in position (she’s got some good rotation going, as well as some pretty impressive one-leg-only poses)

Of course, the converse of this is that she is not now, and never has been, a bottle babe. Since she is in daycare, she does get them … But doesn’t really like to drink from them. And, like her mommy, can be very stubborn. And good at refusing what she doesn’t want. And so – some days when I pick her up, she’s had only 4oz from a bottle. (Other days, she’s had 20oz. So. Yeah) They offer, she refuses. And refuses. And refuses.

Which leads to a bit more night feeding than I’d like. OK, a lot more night feeding than I’d like.

Now, my basic parenting philosophy is to do what is best for the baby – go where she leads, etc etc (within reason). Which in this case, seems to be, stick with the boob, lady! Sure. Fine. I’m OK with that, in general…


(You knew there was a but)

My problem is that my husband and I are leaving on vacation in 2 months. For 10 days. Without the baby.

She’ll be one year, at that point. My mom is coming to stay with her, in our apartment, her familiar environment. She’ll be going to daycare every day like usual. (Yes, I am still talking myself into this, a bit. Because – I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE MAH BABY!!! MY PRESHUS LITTLE BABY!!! … On the other hand, VACATION! Alone, with my husband, in an exotic locale, to celebrate 5 years of marriage and the end of his training and x y z… But this isn’t a discussion of that, really.)

Sure, it’s 2 months away. A LOT can change in that time (and most likely will). But I know my stubborn little one. I know I need to think and plan for this now. Because it might just take her that long to adjust… But to what? That’s my problem. I don’t quite know what to do with this situation.

Do I stay on course – which is nursing at wake up, upon return from daycare, at bedtime, and then on demand at night? (Generally 1-2x per night, though she’s had a sleep regression recently)

Do I try to gradually wean from the boob? (Ideally get down to wake up and bedtime nursing, perhaps?) And how do I do this? Any tips?

I don’t want to cut it all out now, that’s not on the table. For one thing, I’d like to nurse at least a year. It’s working for us (too well, that’s the problem).

But what would an abrupt cut-off when I leave do?

And… If we’re still going with the nursing then, would we be able to pick it back up when I return? (I know that would mean pumping while away, which I am OK with doing if I thought she’d still want to nurse when I got back. But would she? After 10 days without? I know some kids go right back to it after a 2-3 day break, but a longer one?!?!)

(And I’m also wary of how any changes would affect her milk intake – right now, despite being at daycare all day, the majority of it is via nursing. If I cut this back, then perhaps the bottle intake would go up. But… if it didn’t… DEHYDRATION! My least favorite nemesis, since we went down that road once before… And while we’d be watching closely for that, how to fix it if she’s refusing bottles? ARGH!)

(And yes, given my reading, I should be all zen and “my job is to provide the food, her job is to eat it”. And I am, sort of. But I also know how stubborn she can be about drinking… such that she dehydrated herself once before… So that makes the zen-state a bit harder to attain)

Advice? Please?

She’s offering you the sippy cup. Because she sure isn’t going to drink from it!

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not a post

2012/04/13 1 comment

this is not a post, because i do not have the brain power to actually compose real words into real sentences with real meaning.

i am just too tired.

the combination of a severe head cold (thanks for sharing, meeka and all you other daycare kiddos!) and total lack of sleep (why, hello there sleep regression! and also four new teeth! nice of you to stop by!) has turned my head into a cloud of fog from which very little coherence escapes.

so i’m just gonna post some pictures from my phone and call it a day. (these are from a couple months ago, but whatever. they’re cute. and meeka just outgrew those pyjamas, which were some of my favorites. SOB! why oh why do these little ones grow so fast?!?!)

she was so itty bitty!

and now she’s a big girl, with a big girl attitude!



2012/04/09 7 comments

A new baby has many firsts – first tooth, first step, first… everything.

A new mother has many firsts as well … Some good (first time back into your pre-pregnancy pants!) and some less so (first time you realize that, yes, your hair really does fall out!)

A few days ago, I hit another first …


***WARNING: girly talk ahead !!! ***


First period following childbirth.


In the 18-ish months since the last, I’d managed to forget how much I HATE this mother-effing part of womanhood.

(In case you couldn’t tell, menstruation and I do not get on well. Sure, there is the bloating and wacky emotions. But it’s the C-R-A-M-P-S that I find nearly intolerable…)

I know I’m lucky that breastfeeding has managed to put off this return to woman-body-normalcy for so long (and yes, I *am* still breastfeeding…) – I know there are those out there who breastfed and STILL got their period only weeks after giving birth… But still. I am mourning this first. I could have easily been happy for it to hold off a little while longer…

How about all of you? What firsts after child(ren) did you (do you) wish you could have held off on?


2012/04/03 1 comment

4AM – that’s when I got up yesterday. I then spent a very effective few hours working on my lab meeting, which I hadn’t had a chance to do yet because of other demands on my time (also known as “my baby” and “sleep”). Got it done, went to work, presented, and all was well.

Except now I’m EXHAUSTED.

So let’s try to distract your attention away from the black circles under my eyes with a picture of my adorable daughter:

(Photo taken by a friend at our story hour play-date yesterday…)

Tangentially related story: the play date was held in Barnes and Noble (home of Sunday morning Story Hour!). The container Meeka is holding is cheerios. She was very good at reaching in and getting the cheerios out … and then dumping them on the floor. Let me remind you, this is the floor of a public Barnes and Noble (granted, a little used corner of it. But still). Then, she would grab her floor-cheerios- and eat them. Eventually (OK, after like 3 times), I just gave up trying to stop her. She was too fast and squiggly for my efforts to be at all successful… So I just shrugged and chalked it up to “building up her immune system.” Mother of the Year? Yes, indeed 😉

And on a totally different topic – I read 24 books in March! I may have accomplished very little else, but that, that I did! (I guess its not totally unrelated, if you take the jump from a play date in a bookstore to talking about books in stride)

My “good” aka “thinking” books for the month were –

  • Naughty Secrets by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd: meh. I picked this one out thinking it would be something of an anthropological/sociological review of why people act the way they do (the topic was sex, btw). Instead, it was just the verbatim transcription of what people wrote in response to a survey. Which, yeah, somewhat interesting… But not totally what I was expecting or hoping for.
  • Macachiavellian Intelligence: How Rhesus Macaques and Humans Have Conquered the World by Dario Maestripieri: similar experience. Guess I wasn’t on my A-game for book-picking this month. Once again, this book took a look at the nitty-gritty details of monkey life and behavior – which was interesting. But I was hoping for a good anthropological wrap-up of monkey vs. human behavior, and nope. This was not it. (Can you tell I’m a closet soc/anth geek?)
  • How to get your kid to eat – but not too much by Ellyn Satter: a nutritionists take on feeding your child from infancy through teenagerhood. Granted, it’s a bit old (um, 1980s anyone?) but still a good- and useful! – read.

The rest of my monthly reading consisted of a lot of YA Fiction, for the most part (Meg Cabot and Tamora Pierce are two favorite authors, in case you were wondering) … and let’s not even discuss how the rest of my 2012 goals went, mmmmkay?

Now I’m off to mainline the rest of my coffee in the hopes of feeling slightly less bleary this morning…