not a post

this is not a post, because i do not have the brain power to actually compose real words into real sentences with real meaning.

i am just too tired.

the combination of a severe head cold (thanks for sharing, meeka and all you other daycare kiddos!) and total lack of sleep (why, hello there sleep regression! and also four new teeth! nice of you to stop by!) has turned my head into a cloud of fog from which very little coherence escapes.

so i’m just gonna post some pictures from my phone and call it a day. (these are from a couple months ago, but whatever. they’re cute. and meeka just outgrew those pyjamas, which were some of my favorites. SOB! why oh why do these little ones grow so fast?!?!)

she was so itty bitty!

and now she’s a big girl, with a big girl attitude!


  1. jesser
    2012/04/13 at 12:18 pm

    Way way way too fast. My “baby” is just days away from 3!!!

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